Pressure Control Solutions for Petrochemical and Analyzer Sampling Systems Tescom can provide pressure controls olutions for your gas
or liquid sampling system applications. We offer over 50 standard
regulator and valve models that control pressures from sub-atmos pheric to 20,000 PSIG...and we have the modification necessary to meet the toughest application

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Pressure Reducing

TESCOM pressure reducing regulators maintain desired outlet pressure providing the required flow to satisfy a variable downstream demand. The level at which the reduced pressure is maintained is the outlet pressure setting of the regulator.

Emerson offers a broad range of versatile TESCOM multi-purpose regulators that operate in a variety of process / specialty gas and liquid applications.

High Purity Gases
TESCOM regulators are designed to meet high gas purity needs for Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Nanotechnology, Flat Panel Display and Pharmaceutical Bioprocess applications.

Medical Gases
TESCOM medical gas regulators are designed to be used in breathing gas, anesthetics and diagnostic applications in the medical and healthcare industries.

Relief / Backpressure

TESCOM backpressure regulators maintain desired upstream pressure by varying the flow in response to changes in upstream pressure. Pressure relief valves provide overpressure protection in case of unexpected pressure buildup.

Manifolds / Changeover Regulators

TESCOM manifolds are designed to minimize space & potential leak paths and changeover regulators provide continuous gas and fluid pressure management.

Electropneumatic Controllers / Motors

TESCOM electropneumatic controller, combined with a TESCOM pressure regulator and an external transducer, provides true distributed control of media from vacuum to 20,000 psig / 1379 bar . Motorized actuators adjust regulator to any setpoint by remote control.

Integrated Custom Systems

TESCOM provides different levels of pressure control system integration to match your application needs. From idea to implementation, whether simple or complex, TESCOM has the experience to deliver the final product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Systems Capabilities
TESCOM Systems capabilities provide integrated pressure control solutions in a wide variety of applications. TESCOM can help streamline your process and in return, save you time and money.

On and Off or Shutoff Valves

On and Off or Shutoff valves control the on-and-off supply of fluid or gas to or within a fluid or gas system. TESCOM? designs and manufactures a line of manual pneumatic shutoff valves for use in pressures up to 20,000 psig / 1380 bar and can be customized to meet your specific application need. These valves are precision machined from bar stock and some models offer advanced features like balanced main valve and seat-saving metal stops.


Emerson offers a broad range of TESCOM? accessories completing the hardware needs of a process / specialty gas installation.