Oil & Gas Myanmar (OSGM) 2019

UPDATE 30 May 2019

Oil & Gas Myanmar (OGAM) 2019 is the only specialized oil & gas event in Myanmar that brings together
an international congregation of both upstream and downstream oil and gas companies and also
its supporting industries gathered in Yangon to showcase the latest developments in the oil and gas industry.

Major Changes In Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Industry

Approval Of Offshore Supply Bases
An important development in 2017 has been the Myanmar Investment Commission’s (MIC’s) approval of offshore
supply bases (OSB). A domestic offshore supply base would make supplies for drilling activities cheaper, available
within a shorter time, and quicker, in terms of assuring an easier customs clearance - thereby successfully addressing
the needs of its own offshore operators. While previously it wa s projected that Myanmar would need two or three
offshore supply bases, last year, the MIC provided a series of permits for up to six OSB projects, some of which are
likely to become operational as early as 2020.

LNG Imports To Address Energy Gaps
Myanmar’s government has announced that LNG imports will be used to address energy gaps before new domestic
gas comes online. According to an MOEE official, domestic gas w ill continue to be an export item used to secure
foreign exchange, while liquefied natural gas will help meet th e growing electricity needs in the country, reversing
what was earlier reiterated by the ministry: that local needs m ust be prioritised in new field developments. In the
short term and medium term, Myanmar has to rely on its gas powe r plants to meet the growing electricity demand.
Securing gas for electricity generation has been a formidable challenge that could possibly be solved by the recent
establishment of LNG import schemes.

Industry Giants Reaffirmed Its Commitments To The Oil & Gas Industry In Myanmar
In mid- and late-2018, we are likely to see activity from the toughest in the industry. PTT Exploration and Production
(PTTEP) has reaffirmed its commitment to the oil and gas sector in Myanmar, although it conceded that there are
challenges related to exploration in the frontier. PTTEP is expected to begin exploration work at M-9 and M-11 offshore
fields this year. The company said that there are challenges associated with the identification of an economical and
efficient method to bring the gas online, and that it can only be done through an effective combination of innovative
technologies and people. Another foreign entity, Malaysian state-owned oil company Petronas, said that it will commence
drilling wells in M-12, M-13 and M-14 in Tanintharyi Region during the last quarter of this year. MPRL E&P, a local
independent oil and gas company, has also introduced three options for its A-6 block, having made successive
discoveries over the last few years.

Strong LPG Movement
Elite Petrochemical Co launched its Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Terminal and Port Facility at the Thilawa Special
Economic Zone on

Exhibit Profiles

  • Airlift, Helidecks and Logistics
  • Bulk and Materials Handling Systems
  • Cables, Umbilicals and Accessories
  • Chemicals, Fluids and Lubricants
  • Communications
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Controls, Consoles and Panels
  • Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Coatings and Insulation
  • Dredging, Piling and Trenching
  • Drilling and Well Completion Equipment
  • Emergency Control and Shutdown Systems
  • Environmental and Oil Spill Response Equipment
  • Fabrication, Manufacturing and Repair Yards
  • Fire Protection Systems and Materials
  • Flare Systems and Equipment
  • FPSO Vessels and Equipment
  • Hydraulics and Electromechanical Equipment
  • Hydrographic, Meteorological, Seismic, DP and Survey
  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Instrumentation
  • Lifting Equipment, Cranes and Winches
  • Lighting
  • Linings, Seals and Gaskets
  • LNG Terminals
  • Mooring, Chains, Ropes and Anchors
  • Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance
  • Pipelines and Piping Components
  • Power Generation and Propulsion Machinery
  • Processing, Separation, Filtration and Water Treatment
  • Professional Services, Training and Classification
  • Project Management, Consultancy, R&D
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Reservoir and Production Monitoring
  • Rock Dumping
  • ROVs, Diving and Cameras
  • Steel, Special Metals, Composites and
  • Welding Alloys
  • Subsea Production and Well Equipment
  • Survival, Safety and Protection
  • Valves and Actuators
  • Well Servicing Equipment

Visitor Profiles

  • Approval / Testing / Inspection Services
  • Boats & Vessels Services
  • Chemical Plants / Factory
  • Construction, Distributor / Manufacturer’s
  • Representative
  • Drilling Contractor / Equipment *Education &Training
  • Engineering Construction & Contracting Services
  • Environmental Protection / Solution Control
  • Financial Services
  • Geological / Geophysical Seismic & Services
  • Inspection / Maintenance Equipment
  • LNG / Petrochemical Plant
  • Manufacturer’s Representative / Vendor
  • Marine Support *National Oil Company
  • Offshore Platforms / Supplies / Services
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Production & Distribution
  • Oil & Gas Processing & Refinery
  • Pipelines Operation / Installation
  • Plant Engineering & Construction
  • Process Engineering
  • Project Consultancy
  • Repair Services (including welding shops)
  • Research & Development
  • Rig / Fabricator / Operator
  • Security *Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
  • Trade Associations
  • Transportation
  • Storage & Handling

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